POWERNET Training Solutions can help you identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas where members can have the greatest impact and job satisfaction. We customize challenging training programs tensure your workforce remains on the leading edge. We can assist you in developing your future talent through specialized personal and professional development and executive leadership programs. Additionally, we offer computer hardware and software courses, project management training, and a variety of online courses. We come tyour location, and train your employees at your location. This means less down time between training and work.



  • Training needs analysis and learning program design
  • Skills assessment and competency mapping
  • Instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training
  • Self-directed training (e.g., e-learning, videos, games and simulations)
  • M-learning (informal mobile learning)
  • Performance support and supplemental assets (e.g., “how-to” videos, knowledge repositories, job aids and documented best practices)
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Enabling communities of practice and peer-to-peer learning
  • Learning program tracking and reporting
  • Business process outsourcing

Keep your employees and your business growing.

The bar for staying competitive in any marketplace keeps rising. POWERNET Training Solutions recognizes that nmatter what size your company, your education and training budget needs tshow as much return on investment as your other business decisions. POWERNET Training Solutions have kept businesses from startups tgovernment ahead of the technology curve. Whether your company is 10 or 50,000 strong (or somewhere in between), POWERNET Training Solutions creates unique IT training and professional development solutions that work.

Whether it is a company-wide needs assessment, one-on-one executive coaching or anything in between, POWERNET Training Solutions has the knowledge, expertise, and specialization tdeliver our strategic learning and program development services.

Corporate Training & Development Solutions

Keeping in line with POWERNET philosophy of stressing on customer satisfaction, commitment and growth, this service alspromises tdeliver quality services in the areas of corporate and IT training. POWERNET commits itself tproviding professional training that:

  1. Translates intday tday performance enhancement for the employees
  2. Results that are tangible for the managers tsee and
  3. Benefits those are quantifiable for the employers
Quality & Delivery Process

Quality & Delivery Process.

The POWERNET process begins with the identification of the right trainers t match the training requirements by analyzing our training engagements.

                  • The trainers underga mandatory qualification process.
                  • A technical discussion by the POWERNET trainer with the client is held tascertain the training needs and articulate the training execution.
                  • A list of topics the trainer is experienced and competent t instruct is prepared and submitted along with a minimum of three professionals training references from our existing clients.
                  • Regular monitoring of quality in training delivery is an ongoing practice
                  • Continuous evaluate and develop of our trainers tkeep them at fullest potential.

Executive Leadership Training

POWERNET Training Solutions "Executive Leadership Program" are comprehensively designed tmeet the ever-increasing needs of organizational leaders. Some of the programs we offer include intensive exploration of individual leadership strengths and weaknesses, team formation, and development, change management, and organizational strategy and planning. POWERNET Training Solutions works with leaders tbuild cohesion, formulate organizational strategies, and strengthen communication and decision making among executive teams. Executive Leadership Programs can be customized for individual leaders whmay join together with leaders from various industries and organizations.

Training Opportunities

POWERNET Training Solutions believes in the importance of efficiently training your personnel s that optimization is rapid. Therefore, we address the challenge of ever changing technology and features with an open philosophy, understanding that users have various skills. POWERNET Training Solutions provides all levels of training and courses. We provide basic courses in programming and networks as well as highly specialized advanced trainings and certifications. We specialize in more advanced Cyber Security training as well. We have a large list of courses we offer below, but if you dnot see a specific course or would like tcreate a customized training, please contact us and we will create the trainings your organization needs.

POWERNET Training Solutions offerings:

Note: Click on any heading below to see full set of offerings.

Cyber Security

Any given year, approximately 431 million adults globally fall victim tcyber crime, at a price of $388 billion based on time and monetary loss, costing the world significantly more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined. Cyber Security involves protecting critical information by preventing, detecting, and responding tattacks. POWERNET Training Solutions cyber security training can help your staff tproactively reduce the risk of a cyber attack tyour business. Cyber security skills are essential tany organization committed taddressing the rising cyber threat. For information security professionals, developing knowledge and skills in this area through certificated training is crucial tfuture career development.


Security directives implemented across each branch of the Government require that all Government employees and contractors dealing with sensitive information treceive the information assurance training and certifications. POWERNET has addressed these requirements with specific solutions mapped tsupport the desired complacency. Let POWERNET Training Solutions support your training requirements thelp you achieve complacency with your NIST training requirements. POWERNET offers training tyour management and employees traise awareness and protect your organization's assets. POWERNET’s cyber security gateway tlearning provides opportunities tdevelop expertise and gain industry standard certifications. We provide training in some of the most critical areas of cyber security – Vulnerability Management, Secure Programming and your Annual Cyber Security Assurance Training for employees just tname a few.

  • Annual Cyber security Assurance Training for employees
  • Employee Privacy Awareness Training
  • Social Engineering Awareness Training
  • Advanced Ethical Hacking
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Secure Programming
  • Hacking and Hardening Windows
  • IPv6 Security
  • IPv6 Managerial
  • Hacking and Hardening Web Apps
  • Virtualization Security
  • Cloud Security
Executive Management Training

Our Executive feedback program highlights in executive's job performance in eight Focused Management Competencies: Communication, Leadership, Adaptability, Relationships, Task Management, Production, Development of Others, and Personal Development.


POWERNET Training Solutions offers confidential executive coaching services that are customized tbest fit the needs of each participant. Our team of coaches has extensive experience working with all management levels, including C-level executives, which allows TSI toffer a wide selection of programs and applications.

  • Executive Leadership Training
  • Organizational Problem Solving
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Innovation Leadership
  • Corporate Governance that Builds Value
  • Business Strategy and Operational Execution
  • Creating and Leading High-Performing Teams
  • The Leadership POWERNETEdge: Strategies for the Executive Leadership
  • Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Time Management
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Value Management
  • Leadership in Action
  • High Performance Teams
  • Monitoring and Performance systems
  • Cost Reduction and Optimization
  • Quality, Excellence and Sustainability
  • Information System Strategy and Management
  • Strategic Planning

Lunch & Learns

POWERNET Lunch & Learns are at our offices. Bring your lunch and join us for 60 minutes of valuable learning, networking and discussion about specific human resources topics. Walk away with practical tips, tools and resources that you can use, the moment you get back twork!.

COST: $10.00 - It includes Lunch!!!

  • Business Topics
  • Cyber Security Topics
  • IT Topics- Business Startup Topics
  • Social Media Topics
  • Business Guest Speakers on everything from Human Resources tLegal topics
Social Media Marketing Training

For many businesses it’s critical teffectively manage their presence on the social platforms that are influencing customers’ decisions. From Facebook tYouTube, there are more ways than ever that people are researching and discussing products and services. Running personal social media accounts are quite different from accounts that represent your business.


POWERNET Training Solutions provides custom corporate training solutions designed tspecifically meet the needs of your organization. We provide digital marketing training for businesses and organizations. Our digital marketing training helps businesses understand how digital trends and tools are impacting their customers and the unique opportunities it creates tconnect with consumers. The world is changing quickly and consumer technologies are adopted faster than ever before. Your organization can’t afford tfall behind. POWERNET training will get your organization digitally fit. We have a strong track-record of training both large and small organizations in all aspects of internet marketing – both large fortune 500 clients and small businesses.


Knowing how tcreate a social media strategy tsupport your larger business goals, formalizing a company’s social media program and policy tavoid a social media disaster, and how tutilize metrics and SEttarget your intended audience are areas that businesses need tknow in order tstand out from the crowd. We offer comprehensive social media strategies and techniques that have been tested and proven in the field. Overlooking social media usage in today’s business environment can be devastating and costly.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Blogging (Platforms, Technical Choices, Strategy, Execution, Writing, Marketing)
  • Microblogging (Twitter)
  • Community Building
  • Community Management
  • Display and Pay per Click Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Introduction tSocial Networking
  • Online Brand and Reputation Management
  • Analytic Reporting
  • Content Development
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Multimedia Marketing (video, photos)
  • Social Media Marketing
Web & App Development Training

Whether you’re an experienced programmer or just a novice, every year hundreds of newly designed web based programs, computer software and mobile apps are transforming the digital world. This demand requires the need for additional education and certification for industry professionals and programmers. Finding the right kind of training is important, swe focus on providing relevant, cutting edge classes that provide tools and techniques that can be implemented right away in the workplace.


POWERNET Training Solutions knows that the latest mobile devices and applications are changing the way we communicate, dbusiness, and access news and entertainment. Businesses, consumers, and programmers have embraced this innovative technology, making web & mobile application development one of the most demanded and fastest growing IT careers of all-time. This rapid growth of websites going mobile is creating a host of opportunities for properly trained developers.


Fortunately, POWERNET Training Solutions knows how tteach you how tbuild cutting-edge apps and software capabilities with our application development and programming curriculum with hands-on training on top languages and frameworks. POWERNET Training Solutions classes support the latest in developing mobile and web-based applications, Web Development, Object Oriented Programming, Graphic Design and Layouts and programs with courses covering a variety of programming languages, software development platforms and development frameworks will help you understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of these topics and many more offered within our Web and App Development offerings.


Networked PCs are more powerful, more convenient, more cost-effective, more fun ... and networking is easier and cheaper than ever! Step-by-step, you will learn how tchoose equipment, set up your network, share your resources and Internet connections, and keep “prying eyes” out—whether they are inside your house or half a world away. Best of all, you will learn how tdmore with your network than you ever thought possible! Having training available that offers system administrators, infrastructure administrators, DS administrators and IT professionals wanting tbuild their expertise in Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange Server, and Linux have an opportunity for learning, understanding and experience hands on, interactive methods, standards and certifications in these chosen fields.

  • Basic Website Design (HTML5 and CSS3)
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • LANGUAGES: C++, C#, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML with PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET and SharePoint
  • DATABASES: MySQL, SQL and Oracle

Start-up Business Training

It is not easy tstart up a business, but POWERNET Training Solutions can help you not make the mistakes some have, and we can help you even build your first comprehensive business plan, it is a required element in your startup. Bankers, Private Investors, and Venture Capital firms in order tborrow or invest capital in your business will require you tprovide them with an extensive business proposal portraying your strategy and plan for successful operations. POWERNET Training Solutions can help business owners every day tcommunicate their ideas successfully.

  • Successful Business Plan
  • Startup Social Marketing
  • Making Your Website a Winner
  • Startup Networking
  • Marketing Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • Startup Management
Business Applications & Tools

Many job applicants look for ways tstand out from the crowd when pursuing a career opportunity. One way tgain an advantage in the ever changing world is tlearn, understand and become certified in the applications used by thousands of individuals in the business community. Understanding Microsoft Office products like Outlook, Excel, and other Microsoft Office applications, can give you the opportunity tdemonstrate your expertise. Receiving the certifications in these areas can contribute tearning college credit; earn more in salary and opportunities in job promotion.


One of the best ways tmaintain and increase your competitive advantage it tprovide your employees with the computer training they require tbe more productive and thorough in their everyday activities. Microsoft Office is one of the business software out of a multitude of programs that help you work better. It could be Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets and calculations, Access for database management or Outlook Business Contact Manager for personal contacts. We can help you tlearn all of the ins and outs of the different programs sthat you can work efficiently and effectively. We can help you and your employees move through projects quicker, saving time and removing technology barriers.


The only constant in today's business world is change. New technology, a multi-generational workforce and an ever-changing economy provide significant challenges tany organization. Keeping up doesn't have tbe overwhelming. POWERNET Training Solutions can help by providing the training your organization needs. Our training classes can help prepare you for the next step in your career. Learning best practices, tips and understanding the most of your software package are just some of the areas you will learn in our workshops or classes.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
Business  Management Productivity

POWERNET Training Solutions prioritizes, training execution. We follow a strict processes in assessing the trainers and the training requirements. Our competitive pricing, customer approach and the will thandle challenging engagements, enable us tattract and retain quality trainers and high demand clients in the industry. Employee development and improving processes is a competitive advantage and strategic necessity in today’s challenging economic times. Let us assist your organization by helping maximize your most important resource: YOUR PEOPLE! We take a collaborative approach tcreate a tailored strategy for success.


As a business executive, are you looking for ways thelp build and maintain effective employee and supervisory relationships? Dyou want tequip yourself with the skills, experience, and confidence necessary tdrive organizational growth and prosperity? Dyou want tdevelop the best strategic plan tsupport your company’s goals? If you answered yes tany of these questions, you may need tconsider one of our many productivity classes. From topics including Project Management, Organizational Leadership, Performance Coaching and Strategic Planning, our class offerings are well suited tmeet your training requirements.

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Team Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Performance Coaching
  • Building and Leading Teams
  • Organizational Team Problem Solving
  • Team Innovation Leadership
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Team Strategic Planning

Networking Training

Getting the proper training for the IT department has never been smission critical until now. Keeping up tdate with the latest technologies, hardware and software can be challenging even for the most robust organizations. Our onsite network training offers the most cost-effective approach ttraining initiatives. POWERNET Training Solutions brings the classroom tyour location and provides standard or custom course content. Own more than one PC? Now is the time tset up a network.

  • Active Directory
  • Exchange Server
  • Windows Server
  • Linux Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Server Infrastructure
  • VMware

Learning Styles @ POWERNET

In-house courses

The majority of POWERNET training is completed at your location. Developing a course tbe run on your premises and tailored tthe needs of your staff and volunteers. Useful if the training need is widespread across the organisation or is quite specific tyour needs, for example training on a new system or process. You might commission an external trainer tdevelop and deliver the course, or ask someone with relevant expertise within the organisation tdeliver the training. If the latter, you might need task whether there is a need for some “train the trainer” training tensure that they can communicate their knowledge effectively.

External training seminars

Attending external POWERNET training seminars have the advantage of allowing you tnetwork and learn from people in other organisations. This networking element is one of the reasons classroom based training remains spopular. External training can be expensive, but there are many courses available that are priced at affordable levels for voluntary organisations, sometimes on a sliding scale. Good starting points for information on local training are local infrastructure organisations.

E-learning/Blended Learning

POWERNET Training Solutions can provide online training, or even a blended learning campaign. E-learning is increasingly being used tsupplement traditional courses. With the developments in technology, structured E-learning is becoming more sophisticated and can be tailored tindividual and small groups of learners. It can be used tprovide large groups of people with the same material whilst still allow individuals tlearn in their own time.


POWERNET coaching consists of a series of structured one-to-meetings focused on improving an individual’s skills and performance, usually for the current job. Coaches seek tbring an objective perspective ta structured dialogue thelp individuals find solutions tissues they are facing. Coaches are sometimes hired from outside the organisation, but increasingly organisations expect all line managers toperate as coaches, which may indicate a training need at line management level.


Typically mentors will be experienced managers (but not individuals’ line managers) whregularly meet more junior colleagues thelp them perform better and develop them for career advancement. For more senior managers, this is where POWERNET mentors come in, we can mentor them tbe at thier best.

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