GRCAre you struggling to manage governance, risk, and compliance processes? The right technology can ease the burden. By embedding GRC in core business processes, POWERNET help clients protect and enhance business value. POWERNET Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Technology Services assist clients with identifying technology requirements to support their GRC processes, selecting GRC vendors, implementing technology platforms, and performing a post deployment review to assess lessons learned from the implementation.

POWERNET Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Technology Services provide:

  • Strategic benefits: Provides monitoring capabilities such as dashboards and macro-level analysis to support the client’s efforts to achieve enterprise assurance.
  • Tactical benefits: Supports GRC management by providing a repository for document business processes, policies, control objectives, and risks. Reports provide information on risk and compliance management.
  • Operational benefits: Provides configurable controls monitoring, access controls/segregation of duties, analysis, automation of access authorization, periodic attestation of system privileges, and transaction analysis.
  • Executive Management Consulting: We not only educate you in what needs to be done, but educate you how to improve upon it to gain an advantage.

Governance, Risk and ComplianceDue to the increasingly stringent compliance mandates, organizations can no longer afford a siloed approach among geographically scattered business units. The growing focus on corporate governance and enterprise risk management has made it essential for firms to embrace governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software platforms to drive sustainability. The trend of market consolidation further contributes to regulatory complexity.

POWERNET, a pioneer in GRC solutions, provides strategic insights and advisory services to surmount enterprise level risk and compliance obstacles. We have developed a unique industry specific GRC solution portfolio, fueled by relevant experience along with expertise in technology and business domain. The differentiated solutions offered by our GRC automation platforms have enabled clients reduce exposure while improving governance and managing compliance. POWERNET’s service portfolio comprises regulatory program management, governance and risk management, audit and assessment, business continuity management, IT and information security, and data privacy.

Whether you need help and guidance at the board, C-level, or enterprise risk and compliance level, our professionals have deep experience in every major industry, so we can provide guidance and insight that makes sense for your unique business.

(at the board level)

With increased scrutiny from the regulatory bodies, corporate boards and executive teams are more focused on governance related issues than ever before.
The governance process within n organization includes elements such as definition and communication of corporate control, key policies, enterprise risk management, regulatory and compliance management and oversight and evaluating business performance. The ideal process of governance is management by policy. The board develops management policies for the CEO. And the CEO develops management policies and procedures for the staff and employees. The result is clear lines of authority and delegation.

  • Improve board effectiveness
  • Set the right tone and make effective decisions
  • Assess and implement ethics programs, training, change management, anti-fraud programs and monitoring/reporting



Risk management enables an organization to evaluate all relevant business and regulatory risks and controls and monitor mitigation actions in a structured manner. POWERNET has effectively helped our executive clients improve their management modeling, business operations, cyber security, policy development, app development, marketing, software solutions and process engineering.

  • Strategic risk management:  creating and protecting value from strategic risks
  • Design, implement and maintain a common risk infrastructure by leveraging people, process and technology transformation opportunities
  • Establish organization-wide consistency while simultaneously addressing different and unique functional needs
  • Identify, measure, manage, monitor, review and report on risks
  • Integrate activities to effectively manage risk and compliance-related activities



DFARS / NIST 800-171 prepreation is one of many services that can be included within your service. The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) of 2002 establishes security guidelines that federal agencies or those entities, which have outsourced agency business, must adhere to. FISMA requires specific documentation, policies and procedures, and defined processes to be in place to meet the rigorous requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171. POWERNET’s understanding of the security requirements and experience conducting FISMA assessments allows us to assist your company’s FISMA compliance needs.

  • Compliance program design and control testing
  • Compliance monitoring, assessment, and effectiveness
  • Regulatory consulting
  • Specialized compliance services:  NIST, FISMA, DFARS, RMF, HIPAA, SOX or PCI