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Consulting- Cyber Security

POWERNET strives to be a place where talent, quality and values come together in the successful completion of desired outcomes. POWERNET Cyber Security Consulting is focused to be much more than cyber security consultants. We offer something unique in the security industry. The mission of every cyber security consultant is to partner with our clients to help them better understand their security needs and deliver tremendous value by focusing on the key security elements that are applicable to their business. We are not just a cyber security consulting firm. We learn your business and make decisions as you would, understanding your risk profile and prioritizing everything we do based on a rigorous risk classification system.

Information & Cyber Security has only relatively recently has a seat at the C-suite table in the form of the CISO. Many CISOs have been promoted through the technical ranks. It’s quite common to find many with this title to have an understandably limited amount of experience in the critical business areas of strategy and cyber before taking the role. Because the CISO operates at all levels of the business food chain across many verticals, we can and do act as trusted advisors or even as your CIO, CISO or Privacy Manager and provide support in the following strategy-related areas:

  • Design, development and maintenance of an EISA (Enterprise Information Security Architecture) though alignment of business and people, process and technology with your organization’s overall security strategy
  • Perform external analysis (customers, competitors, markets, industry) and internal analysis (organizational capability, risk management, performance) to align an information security program with organizational objectives
  • Identify and consult with key stakeholders to ensure an understanding of the organization’s objectives
  • Define a visionary and innovative plan for the role of the IS program with clear goals, objectives and targets that supports the operational needs of the organization
  • Monitor and update activities to ensure accountability and progress

With technology a key business driver in the consulting world, properly managing and leveraging IT is critical to gaining a competitive advantage, driving efficiency, and advancing your organization's goals. Our cyber security consulting experts speak the language of your executive team and execute with a scope of responsibility to understand threats across the entire company. Your executive team and our cyber security consultants will gain a joint understanding of the risks of your current and planned investment levels in security. No company is too small or too large to consider how the latest IT solutions can be utilized in relation to its business processes. In our ever-changing technology landscape, organizations must effectively align IT executives and business leaders to aid in the development of processes that will create an optimized positive relationship between today's technology and business value. Some of the key planning processes that our cyber security consultants can assist your executive team in are:

  • Security Investment Level
  • Security Policy
  • Security Project Prioritization
  • Hiring / recruiting employees with the right security skills
  • Internet of Things (IoT) security strategy
Risk Management - Technology, Operations & Incident Response


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Concierge Services

A senior / executive level Chief Information Security Officer expert is important to the successful management of a security and risk management program. The CISO / CSO / Privacy Officer role is a relatively new position and some companies may not yet have defined the role or identified the right candidate.

POWERNET Concierge CISO/CSO/Privacy Officer service provides executive level experts who on day one, help lead compliance efforts, and plan Information Systems Assurance for the future of your company. Our executive-level consultants are experts in information security and possess the most up to date knowledge of functions, trends and issues. Our services are customized to meet your needs whether it means a temporary CISO, CSO or Privacy Officer while you search for a permanent candidate or fill the role on a part-time basis to oversee and direct your program. At POWERNET, our consulting services provides a full range of cyber security consulting services, all aimed at meeting your organization's unique cyber needs.

  • Recommends how to define the CISO/CSO/Privacy Officer role
  • Initiates or renews stalled security, risk management, and compliance initiatives
  • Coaches your existing CISO/CSO/Privacy Officer to ensure their success
  • Maintains momentum in existing programs during your search for a permanent CISO/CSO
  • Eliminates or defers the need to hire full-time CISO/CSO/Privacy Officer
  • Offers a fresh, external perspective to accomplish business objectives
  • Allows more time to find and hire the best candidate for your team
  • Provides expert knowledge transfer and helps maximize the value of security technology

Design and build a Information Security ProgramCyber Security Defense

At the core of a successful risk management function is the Information Security Program. It is critical to identify what your business risks are, and how technology can help you manage those risks in a cost effective manner. Our professionals can help design or enhance your current program based on our years of experience in the IT Services industry.

Design and Implement Information Security Policy

Your organization is required to be governed by a set of security policies and procedures for all employees to follow. Most companies have defined a set of policies that are too generic or not robust to cover all aspects of security.

Create Information Security Standards and Guidelines

Having an Information Security policy is simply not enough to manage the risk of an employee compromising sensitive data or an incident occurrence. The policy must include specific requirements and responsibilities. POWERNET has been developing robust security standards and guidelines for over 10 years for both government and businesses, and we can help you at minimal cost.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

A lack of employee awareness is one of the largest risks and organization can face. POWERNET has implemented robust security awareness training programs that are easy to understand yet effective. Ongoing awareness training with certification is the most effective way to ensure the continued education of your employees.

Regulatory Compliance Enforcement

Federal and State privacy requirements apply to all companies in the United States. POWERNET has worked directly with the NASA, Federal, State and local regulators that govern the largest institutions in the world. We have supported firms through regulatory examinations and assessments with a proven track record of success.

Incident Response Planning and Coordination

Responding to and containing incidents once they occur should be the top priority. However, this must include escalation procedures, containment options, active testing, and post incident review and impact. POWERNET has been helping companies create, plan, and actively manage their Incident Management program for years.

Risk Assessment and Incident Prevention

The best way to manage an incident is to never have one. Unfortunately, this is not always a realistic scenario and most companies experience an incident at some point. Implementing the right tools to prevent incidents is the best deterrent, and we’ve helped companies assess their risk and implement the best tools to reduce the threat of repetition or occurrence.

Disaster Recovery Process planning and implementation

POWERNET can design and implement a complete disaster recovery strategy and plan that fits your organization. This includes identifying critical systems and ensuring they are available for the continuation of business operations.  POWERNET has both hourly and retainer contract rates, if you are interested in our services, feel free to call us at our offices at 256-489-8425 with the type of service you need.