We at POWERNET love to talk about our services. Our past performances are very important, because it means the success of our future business.  The main focus of our business is You -our customer. We want you to be happy with every step we take – from the moment we meet, till after the project is completed. We challenge conventional perception about contracting and our growing business is the best proof of our successful business model. We are your IT solution!


Our Reviews

George Beshenich (Beshenich Muir & Associates, LLC {BMA}):

- Over the past 18 months, POWERNET America and Mr. Goodeill provided BMA with exceptional information technology support services subject matter expertise. Anthony’s willingness to take on and work through challenging writing assignments and comprehensive reviews enabled BMA to refine our team’s outstanding proposal efforts. I’ve found Anthony’s what-ever-it-takes attitude for mission accomplishment refreshing. His desire, work ethic, and initiative are second to none, and he goes the extra mile to ensure whatever product he is committed to is complete, accurate, and on time. An insightful, well-read and observant IT professional, BMA is proud to have Anthony on our team now and into the future.

George Beshenich, BMA Founder and Owner
Beshenich Muir & Associates, LLC
Phone: (913) 904-1880


Beverly Davis (eTouch Federal):

- POWERNET America, Inc. provided support for eTouch Federal in developing its response for the NASA EAST 2 RFP in the April/May time frame of 2015. Anthony was always available as a SME and is very knowledgeable. He made a valuable contribution to the response.

Beverly Davis, Business Development
eTouch Federal Systems
Phone: 703-298-2354


Paige Vaughn (NASA):

- POWERNET Is managed by Anthony and Anthony is an enthusiastic worker, for he arrived to work early and had accomplished several tasks before the rest of us had our first cup of coffee. He is a “self-starter” & would complete tasks the day they were received and I was able to mark them off the “to do” list early. Anthony is very knowledgeable about all facets of the Information Technology including hardware/software, IT Security/Cyber Security, Web & Application Development, IT Program/Project Management, etc. and always willing to help or support when needed. Therefore, Powernet would be a treasure to any contracting organization.

Paige Vaughn, OCSO / Program Support - NASA, MSFC
Phone: (256)544-7152



Corey Martin (MartinFederal):

- POWERNET America has substantial knowledge in the Cyber security, project and Program Management. Their SME’s are extremely knowledgeable of Federal and DoD security requirements and they bring great value to each engagement. They are a customer first organization and recommend them as a teaming partner or just on a consulting basis.

Corey L. Martin, CEO
Phone (334) 799-7096


Mike Bowen (CDM Lead ISS LIS/NASA):

- At POWERNET America, Anthony is one of the most capable IT support people I’ve ever worked with. He brings a load of attributes to the table and stays well informed on the latest cyber technology, IT management and innovative IT developments available. He is an invaluable resource for IT management, consulting, application & web/database design and development, and a number of other IT business management related endeavors…

Mike Bowen, CDM Lead ISS
Phone: 256-651-0212


David J. Davis (Dynetics):

- Powernet is managed by Anthony and I highly recommend Anthony Goodeill. For the past eight years, I have worked with Anthony in development, and a senior level manager on the current contract. During this time, he has worked on multiple projects, but also assisted senior level management as an excellent project manager for the development department. The project size has varied from small custom developments, to enterprise applications. We also utilize the resource pool concept for our developers, this has increased the skills of the project managers greatly, they are forced to work with different personalities and skill levels on projects.

As an experienced IT Team Manager, Anthony managed not only the usual day-to-day tasks of his team, but also handled exceptional situations with great ease and professionalism. He is never afraid to question a typical solution when he sees potential for a quicker, cost effective and more practical approach. Anthony is one of the most intelligent members on our team, and whenever presented with complex or intricate problems, he quickly comes up with great and practical ideas on how to solve them. He has successfully headed several project teams and shown that he is able to successfully manage and motivate different personalities under pressure. Anthony is well equipped for the social interplay that goes hand in hand with the responsibilities of a manager. . He is very reliable and was able to handle tasks independently and with great competence. I could always be sure that, if I hand a task to Anthony, he would know how to handle it and deliver results quickly. Anthony is a very diligent and maintains the highest professional and ethical standards and relays these standards to any team that he manages. He delivers high-quality results and sets an example for his colleagues. He is a highly talented and committed leader with great management and people skills. Anthony has done an excellent job, and I do not hesitate to recommend him. Do contact me if you have any further questions.

David J. Davis


Brian Passon:

- POWERNET went above and beyond what I expected any hosting company would do. We were given many options to improve not only our site. I was very pleased with the service I received from this company! Anthony the designer came out and looked at our site and explained to me that my site was done wrong and gave me options. From that point I got to choose the right option for me. Our project took a long time, because it was a very large site. He walked me through it, and communicated with me on a weekly basis, letting me know the progress. When the site was hacked, he not only got my site back up quickly, but boosted my service for the trouble. And for FREE! He really cares about his customers, and goes the extra mile.  If you want to talk to me just call me, and I will tell you about POWERNET America, and how they will treat you! 

Brian Passon