Technical Proposal Writing Services

Technical Proposal WritingTechnical Proposal Writing Services

When you need to create a winning proposal, let our proposal experts support you. Our proposal personnel average more than 20 years’ experience managing and writing competitive proposals for government contractors. We specialize in IT, cyber security, professional IT services, application & web services, and high-tech solutions procurement. Take advantage of the services we offer:

POWERNET America’s mission is to help clients win more government contracts. We can provide a technical writing in your proposal team (e.g., technical writers, graphic artists, legal, management and editors) and we can provide individual experts to augment your proposal team. We handle technical, legal, management, and resume volumes as well as participate in blue, pink, red, and gold team reviews.

How We're Different:

  • Worked for large government contracting firms and federal government.
  • Seasoned professionals proficient in developing technical solutions.
  • Bring strategic planning and focused attention to help you beat the competition when bidding on federal government contracts.
  • Understand that you get nothing in this business by coming in second in the proposal selection process.

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Proposal Writing and Editing

Proposal Writers

We provide SME technical writers with expertise in interviewing subject matter experts and writing original text based on information gleaned, writers who can take existing text or “problem” text and rewrite it to comply with proposal requirements, and writers who specialize in developing and writing specific sections of the proposal, such as resumes, past performance, and management plans. Our proposal writers integrate with the proposal team to write compliant, clear, and persuasive proposal text for a proposal section or an entire volume. All of our writers can provide the following:

  • Identify information needed to draft a section from a completed storyboard or annotated outline
  • Interview subject matter experts to obtain required, in-depth information
  • Perform basic (Internet/Google) research to obtain needed information
  • Synthesize existing source material for use in a proposal section
  • Organize topics for a particular proposal section
  • Map allocated requirements to subsections
  • Identify and sketch out graphics
  • Incorporate review comments and update/improve sections
  • Compare with related sections to ensure consistency
  • Ensure work incorporates proposal’s strategies, themes/discriminators, and technical/management feature and benefits
  • Ensure work is compliant and within allocated requirements


Proposal Editors

Our editors work with proposal writers to ensure that the proposal presents a consistent style, format, and logical flow and organization. Depending on the level of edit requested and as dictated by the time available for the edit, our editors:

  • Develop and/or enforce a proposal style guide
  • Correct all errors in spelling, punctuation, format, and grammar
  • Suggest revisions relative to compliance and consistency
  • Work one-on-one with proposal writers
  • Revise and improve sentence construction, organization of ideas, clarity of thoughts, and conciseness of words


Graphics Design and Desktop Publishing

Graphic Design Artists

Our graphics consultants serve as both designers and conceptual artists. These professionals take ideas from technical personnel and subject matter experts and develop compelling illustrations that reflect those ideas —from simple organization charts to complex foldouts.

Our consultants are experienced in providing graphic design support for responses to government RFPs, including proposal illustration, proposal covers, oral presentation slides, and overall proposal layout. All of our graphics consultants can:

  • Establish the “look and feel” of the written proposal, as well as oral presentations
  • Develop and maintain graphic templates and standards for proposal preparation
  • Convert and tailor graphic illustrations drawn from archives
  • Edit graphic art based on review comments until approved
  • Develop and maintain a graphic log book with up-to-date artwork
  • Import and export files between software programs and platforms
  • Troubleshoot many software and hardware compatibility issues

Desktop Publishers

Our desktop publishers work with proposal coordinators and writers to establish templates, compile and format text, make changes to documents, and embed graphics within text. All of our desktop publishers can:

  • Develop and maintain Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for formatting documents
  • Create styles within a document to enhance the overall look and interoperability (e.g., Table of Contents, headers/footers, tables, cross-references, etc.)
  • Develop and enforce standards and procedures for the formatting process
  • Create custom macros that perform routine to advanced functions on text documents
  • Maintain version control and configuration management of electronic files
  • Roll-up text documents for pink, red, and gold team reviews
  • Format proposal for final (hard copy) production
  • Format proposal for electronic submission
  • Prepare the proposal for book check and assist with the process
  • Complete closeout procedures


Proposal Reviews

Color Teams

We provide senior-level personnel to serve as review team members or to conduct single, independent reviews of specific proposal sections or volumes. Proposal reviews are conducted by our dedicated and qualified staff that will work with your point of contact in providing constructive reviews , corrections and guidelines for the submittal process. We can ensure that your specific solicitation requirements are met, protocol is followed and successful delivery of the proposal is made.


For further information, please contact us at 256.489.8425 or fill out the form below.