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Lots of people have contacted us to ask about Cyber Security these days. While cybersecurity used to be considered an issue primarily for the IT team, these days it is an agenda item for the entire C-suite. What’s changed? It’s not just the frequency of media reports on cybersecurity breaches—if anything, these are merely symptomatic of a larger shift underway. Cybercrime is fueled by increasingly sophisticated technologies along with relatively new trends in mobility usage, social media and rapidly expanding connectivity—all in the hands of more organized online criminal networks. In this environment, an intelligent and evolutionary approach to cybersecurity is key to staying ahead of cybercriminals—and your competition. So if you have a question that is not answered here, or you want to talk to us about any aspect of your businesses IT needs, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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  1. What services do you offer?
  2. What does it cost to hire you?
  3. Why should I pay you to do my IT? I like the control of having IT in house.
  4. I really like my IT person, but I feel he may be in over his head on this next project; can you work with him/her?
  5. Do you charge for your computers, software licenses, or other equipment?
  6. Do you charge for travel time?
  7. Do Small Businesses require cyber security services?
  8. When you say enable business, what does that mean?
  9. How do you accept payment?
  10. Can you train my staff to be better at Cyber issues?
  11. What is the POWERNET's maturity model?
  12. How does POWERNET help lower my risks?
  13. We don’t have any critical data, so if we get hacked it is no big deal. Why use you?
  14. We already have IT employees so aren't we already covered?
  15. What do you do about Compliance like NIST, FISMA, ISO, PCI, HIPAA and others?
  16. What is CyberSphere Managed Security Service?
  17. Do you have services that protect my site from hackers?
  18. What is the Gap Analysis you provide?

What Services Do You Offer?

Basically we are a cyber secutity & management contracting and consulting firm.  Our divisions are divided into 3 areas, Cyber Security Solutions, Concierge CIO Management Consulting and Managed IT Solutions.

Our Cyber Security Solution services focus on helping IT and business leaders develop and implement a security approach that ties security to business goals, combats a widening variety of threats, and embraces emerging technologies to support the enterprise’s pursuit of new digital business opportunities. We have more than 20 years of experience helping corporations and governments across the globe use security to both defend the enterprise against malicious threats and enable the enterprise to operate new business processes while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

Our Concierge CIO Management Consulting services focus on

Our Managed IT Solutions services focus on making your IT operations more efficient so you can focus on your business goals. POWERNET provides our clients with a comprehensive range of Managed Information Technology services designed to help their businesses succeed in a dynamic economy. There are four major areas within the division: IT Infrastructure Managed Solutions, Managed Marketing Solutions, Web, Software & Application Development Managed Services and Managed Technical Business Management Solutions. Our teams are serious when taking every project from our client. If you’re interested in to work with us, please contact us here


What does it cost to hire you?

POWERNET price list is based on a hourly rate, contract or retainer. This method allows the individual purchasing services, to manage how much is just right! We listen carefully to what potential clients require, what issues you have, gather information during our "site visit" and put together a unique proposal based on the needs you have expressed and what the business actually needs. In fact it is FREE for us to come out and "evaluate" this information.


Why should I pay you to do my IT? I like the control of having IT in house.

We fully understand the desire to keep control of IT in house. We recognize, you are the executive, and you make ALL final decisions. But consider this: for about the cost of a single qualified CIO Executive, POWERNET can provide you a full team at the fraction of the price. Even if you do decide to retain an on-site employee, POWERNET can still provide valuable additional support in the instance of sickness, vacation, staff turnover or projects that are simply too large or complex for a single employee to handle efficiently.


I really like my IT person, but I feel he may be in over his head on this next project; can you work with him/her?

Many of our clients have full-time IT staff that simply need to be assisted from time to time with specific projects. We strive to work with your business in whatever form that takes, including using our expertise to bridge between management and IT personnel to help ensure projects are executed efficiently and professionally. Occasionally we will even directly hire your existing staff as you transition to an outsourced model.


Do you charge for your computers, software licenses, or other equipment?

No! We will find you the best products at the best costs, but since we are a consulting services, you buy the hardware, licenses or equipment. This way I do not have to charge you taxes. Once you have paid for it, we will install, configure and ensure it is secure. But you own it!


Do you charge for travel time?

We never charge for travel time unless it is over 75 miles from our offices or it has been pre-negotiated and agreed upon. Travel costs we incur to client sites within our local offices is part of our cost of doing business.


Do Small Businesses require cyber security services?

Definitely – Small businesses are regularly targeted and vulnerable to the impacts of security breaches. Keep in mind, 55% of small businesses surveyed have had security breaches. The impact of a breach, as discussed in the previous section can result in lost revenue, fines, and damaged reputation. Every organization, no matter the size, have cyber security requirements. POWERNET is a cyber-focused company with a wide-range of capabilities from security engineering, security monitoring, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and incident response. Small businesses can benefit from a team of Subject Matters Experts, providing them services such as these, without the expense of hiring full time experts.


When you say enable business, what does that mean?

Traditionally cyber security has had two sides of the equation: increase security or increase usability. These opposing sides have been at odds in the past, so that if you increase security you lock down the ability to be productive. And if you decrease security and increase usability you may leave your business open to risks. POWERNET has found a way to enable you business at the same time you increase security and decrease your risks. We do this by taking the requirements from your business first, including employees, customers, partners and we incorporate methods and models that allow to apply security standards and objectives that increase their effectiveness. This is a unique approach that turns cyber security from a cost center to an enabler and revenue producer. We can show you how we do this for your business anytime.


How do you accept payment?

We accept payments via PayPal, Credit Cards or check. We either charge a hourly rate, annual retainer or on a contractual basis.  For most project level tasks, like application developments, we request a 50% down payment to schedule in work. The final 50% will be paid on completion of the project, prior to releasing the final artwork. The exact details and terms will be provided in my proposal.


Can you train my staff to be better at Cyber issues?

Yes - We have a complete training division to not only take care of your Cyber training requirements, but we have a wide range of business & IT classes and seminars. We can even provide the annual training that some cetifications require.


What is the POWERNET's maturity model?

POWERNET has created a model where we can score your security posture on a scale from 0 to 5 based on risks to your business. I identify the gaps in your security posture and programs and then create a comprehensive security program that can improve your security while enabling your business. It is unique in that we focus on enabling your business, not just locking things down. The more secure you are, the more efficient your business processes are and the lower the costs of security becomes.


How does POWERNET help lower my risks?

POWERNET has a very formal process based on industry standards like ISO and NIST that will identify your risks and gaps. These risks are then mapped to the way we can address them, including mitigation, assignment and acceptance. We act as your security department, and manage these risks that includes complete intrusion detection and incident response to reduce risks. We have a very unique maturity model that we create a comprehensive security program that manages new and changing risks as well.


We don’t have any critical data, so if we get hacked it is no big deal. Why use you?

Information security is only one part of an overall security program.  It is an important part but not the only thing you should be considering.  You have other risks and liabilities including preventing mistakes, misuse by insider threats, malicious attacks that can compromise your systems just to use them to attack a partner, customer or even other employees.  Your liability goes far beyond just the data.   There are issues to protect your financial systems, employee confidential information, intellectual property and other areas of due diligence including government required compliance and procedures.  Another major concern is disaster recovery and business continuance that can prepare you if a major event happens.  Can your company survive if your computers are down for a week?  A month? What if your building is damaged beyond repair?  IF you had to tell your customers you were hacked, how many would you loose? These areas are part of the business enablement focus that POWERNET provides.


We already have IT employees so aren't we already covered?

I am sure your IT people are a great asset to your company, and are needed. But just like in other professions there are specialists that bring a deeper level of understanding and expertise. Information Security takes a very specialized skill set that most IT Generalist do not provide simply because it is a full time endeavor above and beyond just IT. POWERNET will compliment your IT team the same way a specialist Dr. compliments your primary care physician. We have the capabilities, tools and knowledge of over 100 years of experience that is no longer a nice to have. A dedicated Information Security practice is now required for all businesses, large and small.


What do you do about Compliance like NIST, FISMA, ISO, PCI, HIPAA and others?

Compliance is a key part of security, but as the saying goes, “compliance is not security.” POWERNET uses industry standards, including compliance requirements, to determine both your baseline status today and in development of your security program. It is critical that your policies, procedures and governance all follow guidelines that allow your company to prosper and comply with the law. We will help you manage these programs, comply to their requirements and manage any auditing and reporting requirements you need.


What is CyberSphere Managed Security Service?

POWERNET can provide complete end-to-end security services, including a team of experts, to watch your security for a fraction of the cost of hiring even one person. POWERNET will proactively mange your security for all your devices (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, IDS, etc.). We can see real-time threats, prevent vulnerabilities, scan your endpoints and give you complete visibility into your security posture and programs. We can respond to security incidents, provide consulting to you and your staff regarding issues and questions, and with our managed service you don’t have to buy any tools! We bring it all to the table in a complete finished service, ready to create a complete program to secure and enable your business.


Do you have services that protect my website from hackers?

Yes - If we build the site, it will be monitored and supported in house. We will put a SiteLock on your site, which will protect your website from hackers with our proactive scanning.


What is the Gap Analysis you provide?

POWERNET has a very well defined methodology that covers over 100 areas of cyber security for businesses. These areas are based on industry standards and governance requirements that are applicable to your market. We use both quantifiable and qualified information to find the gaps in your current posture. We use a combination of scanning tools, workshops and our own modeling to find and address gaps that will enable your business to address risks. Using this model we identify all known risks, and give you recommendations on how to address them. You then make business decisions on where you want to take your strategy, with our help. The Gap analysis will be used to create a comprehensive security program customized to your business.