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Cyber Security

What keeps you up at night? Is your business data at risk or is it really secure?

Security Awareness

Are you preparing your employees to be a on-site security team?

Policy & Procedure
CISO Governance

Is your business governance and business culture prepared for a disaster?

Security Audits
& Assessments

Where is your business gaps most vulnerable and are you prepared?


POWERNET delivers unrivaled advisory and technology services for your business. We're experts at policy, procedure, implementation, integration and customization, and we are here to successfully secure your technology. We are focused on the evolving cyber threat that demands constant innovation. POWERNET has been battling cyber threats through focused use of thorough policy & procedures, identity management, situational awareness, cloud security and cyber training. We takes seriously its obligation of matching the right information security consultants and engineers to the client's management, operational, and technical environment. This is to ensure the highest quality service, contractual compliance, and achievement of project objectives, costs, and schedules.

End-To-End Best Practices

CyberSphere® delivers POWERNET's Cyber Security services through a certification of your businesses cyber security due diligence to keep your business safe. With our CyberSphere Solution, you get the developed methodologies based on the merging of best practices for Project Management, Governance, Information Assurance and Cyber Security. Our CyberSphere Solution is a cyber risk management solution that leverages and delivers unrivaled advisory and technology services for your business and gives you a Cyber Security Validation Insurance Certificate to lower your business and Cyber Security insurance premiums. We also exploit our team’s combined 80 years of IT Security, engineering training and experience. We certify that your business is taking the steps to mitigating and manage your cyber risk for the business, so your business and cyber security insurance agent & underwriters are informed you have taken steps to eliminate those risks. POWERNET brings a network of partnerships that specialize in cyber security elements to protect your business.

WHO DO WE SERVE? - The Power of IT. Simply IT.

POWERNET proudly serves the needs of businesses from startups to corporations and United States government entities. We deliver Cyber Security, Concierge CIO / CISO Management consulting solutions, Access Control Solutions, and Managed IT Solutions. We align and maintain enterprises as business and mission focused as you are.

Start Ups, Small Business
& Entrepreneurs

Do you think you are too small to be attacked by a cyber incident? This group of businesses is the most targeted, because you most likely can not survive the cost of an attack.

Federal, State
& Local Agencies

Government agencies are one of the top focused industries for cyber crime. With attacks like OPM had, and with government handling so much sensitive information, can you say you are prepared?

Commercial Business

Cyber attacks are hugely costly in terms of both monetary loss and damage to an organization’s reputation, one of your most valuable assets. Is your business prepared for a disaster?


Does your non-profit organization have adequate cyber security policies, procedures & measures to be ready for a subsequent data breach that can lead to loss of public trust & client information in your organization?

POWERNET has a critical understanding of the value and importance of an organization’s information and data assets. And, we also know how to protect those information assets, so that those assets can remain a competitive advantage to our client. Based on our cyber security expertise and our unique methodologies, we are able to lead and cost effectively provide best practice solutions to protect our client’s information assets.

Concierge CIO Management


Unlike other cyber security firms, our focus is on helping your business grow through security, planning and leadership. Our staff has been there and done it. In industries from retail and healthcare, to finance and distribution, we bring decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT experience. Most companies that promise true data security only encrypt your valuable data while it is in transit, and not when it is at rest on their server. This means that anyone from hackers to the company’s own staff can access your data. To counter this, we provide comprehensive end-to-end encryption from your computer to our or your server, even after the data leaves your possession.

We make sure you never lose control of who has access to your data

The promise of total data security has remained the unattainable goal of corporations, businesses and individuals since the dawn of electronic communications. In the current environment, it is impossible to keep track of your data and ensure its safety. Technicians, both inside and outside your organization or home, have unhindered access to your data. Security breaches along with deliberate and malicious attacks on your documents happen without your knowledge.


Cyber Security Consulting

Our strength is in our technical and management capabilities for protecting critical infrastructures, employees personal information, improving information security controls, policies and our managing large-scale, cyber and information assurance (IA) security programs.


Cyber Security Consulting

We perform assessments and gap analysis to eliminate the threats to management, processes, culture and infrastructure.

  • + Discovery: Scanning for Vulnerabilities within Infrastructure
  • + Assessments: Determine your weak points
  • + Reporting: Report and educate
  • + Remediation: Mitigation, validate & reassess


Cyber Security Consulting

The alignment of policy, operations, management and technology drive our clients' ability to maintain the data and information systems to support their most critical missions. We assist our clients policy & standards such as FISMA, NIST, HIPPA and ISO 27001. We set the controls and implement the defenses needed.


Cyber Security Consulting

Information Assurance and Social Engineering education is not just a wanted element, but a required element of your cyber security defense. Your employees are your best asset, and investing in them in steps in creating a positive culture in your business, and it will protect your business.

We counter threats quickly with centralized monitoring and alerts

Once you become aware of the attacks, it is too late, the damage is done. The problem is compounded when information has to be shared, particularly outside your organization. The same strict standards and policing that may go on inside your organization are irrelevant once the data has left, and you have lost control.

  • + EXPERTISE: We not only have years of experience, training & certifications in cyber security, but have a network of associates that can help you in any area of cyber security.
  • + SUPPORT: We are focused on your needs, and to the attention to detail you need for your business. We focus on the relationship, so we put our customers first!
  • + AGILITY: We are flexible and since we are not a large corporation, we can afford to be agile to your needs. And our ethics code defines the principles of our conduct to insure that our customers have a relationship of trust.
  • + INNOVATIVE: Helping a company be innovative in their cyber security posture often requires training, whether it’s delivered to the entire staff, security team or executive leadership. We speak in plain terms, because cyber security requires training. So we keep it so you can understand us.

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