Cyber Security Consulting

Preparing is the first step to safety.

Cyber Security Insurance

POWERNET Cyber Security Education can help you identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas where members can have the greatest impact and job satisfaction. We customize challenging training programs to ensure your workforce remains on the leading edge. We can assist you in developing your future talent through specialized personal and professional development and executive leadership programs. Additionally, we offer computer hardware and software courses, project management training, and a variety of online courses. We come to your location, and train your employees at your location. This means less down time between training and work.

Custom Employee Cyber Security Privacy Training

POWERNET strongly believes that one of the biggest vulnerabilities to data security is presented through people. Countless data breach surveys have highlighted that data compromize is commonly caused from within an organization. This is not suggesting that all organization’s employ hackers or employees with criminal undertones. However, many data breaches are caused by users with poor IT security knowledge, or poor understanding of how to deal with digital data in general.

POWERNET provides on-site security awareness training for staff, which is tailored to meet your organizations requirements. We can provide pragmatic training structured to help protect your organizations data assets. Cyber Security cannot be tackled through technology alone. Security solutions such as firewalls, web content scanners and anti-virus engines all have their place, but for an organization to be truly security aware it must educate and train its people. Security should be central to a company’s policy, process and working practice. To find out how POWERNET can help you define a security awareness program or to see some of our sample security awareness training material, please complete our contact form below.

Social Engineering Awareness Training

Cyber Security InsuranceThe best technical defense won’t protect you against a socially engineered attack. This overlooked threat is an extraordinary security risk. In today’s world, social engineering is one of the most commonly used vectors by attackers to gain access to a company’s physical location and/or sensitive data. Many organizations believe their yearly security awareness trainings are enough to warn their employees of these type of attacks – but, how do they really know if they are effectively working? At POWERNET we launch realistic social engineering campaigns to evaluate how employees will react to social engineering attacks. POWERNET begins social engineering assessments with real-life intelligence gathering and create customized real-world attacks.

Consider a Continuous Training Approach

A cycle of assessment, education, reinforcement, and measurement maximizes learning and lengthens retention. Our security awareness and training methodology is a continuous approach to risk reduction. Consider pairing our social engineering assessments and education with our Security Awareness Materials to reinforce key messages in the workplace. And be sure to take advantage of our reporting tools to measure progress and tailor future efforts.

Protecting Sensitive Data

POWERNET is able to provide proactive security awareness monitoring services on an on-going basis. Through technical penetration tests, focused on identifying data leakage. Through to scheduled phishing attempts across the external facing email infrastructure. POWERNET can assess how well users understand the company’s information security policy.

Through conducting these scheduled tests, organizations can develop their security awareness program and build a more robust program that protects the organization’s information assets.


To find out how POWERNET can help you define a security awareness program or to see some of our sample security awareness training material, please complete our contact form below or call us a (256)489-8425!