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Maintenance & Support


Having difficulty updating your site, maintaining your shopping catalog, publishing press releases to the web, adding/deleting email accounts, managing your database, etc?

site maintenance

Many businesses have web sites but cannot afford to keep a full-time webmaster or developer on staff. POWERNET solves this problem through our site maintenance services. POWERNET understands the need to continually make changes and updates to your Web site. These are things that must be done not only to get new visitors to your website, but to also keep your current visitors coming back. We offer website support plans at a variety of levels of service, fitting most every company’s budgets and requirements. Our services are available to all clients, whether or not we developed your site. Typically, a copy of your site is placed on a staging server so you can view and approve the updates made before making them public.

  • Update website content, and keep up-to-date for better SEO advantage.
  • Update your website for new browser versions
  • Enhance or add new features to your website over time.
  • Enhancing existing features of your website and developing new online applications
  • Adding and updating content (copy and graphics)
  • Providing a full range of web design or re-design services
  • Optimization for Search Engines and reporting on your site traffic statistics
  • Fixing bugs and providing technical support
  • Providing technical management of your site: server administration, DNS, database connectivity, FTP, e-mail, security, and error-handling

Website maintenanceWebsite maintenance can be a tedious task if you are not a webmaster. We do this day in and day out, quickly and efficiently. Why not leave your web site tasks to us so that you can better focus on the needs of your business? As your business grows and changes, so too will the needs of your web site. Successful sites that generate visitors day after day, year after year must be kept up-to-date with fresh new content. If you need programming or development support as well as maintenance services, we also offer custom development solutions. If you like, we can develop custom solutions or integrate existing controls for features such as data-driven PHP web forms, database design, email respondents, forums, blogs, or any other special requirements you may have.


At the beginning of each month, we will review and identify the best strategy to update your site for best results. Time will be allocated for updating content, implementing new features or updates.

SCALE (HOURS): 100%=5 Hours,   80%=4 Hours,   60%=3 Hours,   40%=2 Hours


Website Content Update (15 min - 4 hours) 80%
Additional Webpage Development 80%
Image Changes & Additions 60%
Troubleshooting & Support 100%
Debugging 100%


CMS Troubleshooting 60%
Custom Software Update 100%
Promotional Updates 40%
Banner Design 40%
Security Issues 100%


We are your dedicated website professionals that provide complete support for your website and web assets. Static, Content Management System, Shopping Cart or Custom Developed Software – we provide expertise to maintain and manage your site. Save money and keep your site maintained by using our support team.

  • Content Updates.
  • User Training and Support.
  • Usability Management.
  • Creative & Artistic.
  • Manage Web Applications.
  • Custom Software Update.
  • Priority Customer Support 24/7.
  • Quality Control & Project Management.


Website performance management means we handle all technical support and oversee your website to assure optimal performance at all times. We perform security protection, backup & restoration and resolve urgent website issues. We conduct site audits and conduct technical optimization to assure your site is compliance with search engines and website standards.

  • Manage Site Uptime
  • Website Administration
  • Traffic Analytics & Reporting
  • Google Webmaster
  • Manage Website Assets
  • Database Administration
  • Site and Database backups
  • Hosting & Email Management

Instead of infrequent major overhauls our monthly updates are provided incrementally. Your knowledge and your website's speed and function grow together - at a pace you can manage.


You purchase a block of hours (1-20). The more hours you purchase the lower the hourly rate. Your unused hours never expire. There is no monthly fee or minimum time to use. When you need help, call us directly or submit your request via email or online support request form. We perform the work (typically 2-4 hours) and follow up with a task completion. We deduct the time from your purchased block of hours.

  • Time Deducted in 15 Minute Increments.
  • Perform a Quality Review Before Completion.
  • We Accept Credit Card Payment.
  • Your Website is Our Priority.

Maintenance and support includes:

site maintenanceWe know it takes time to publish updates to your website, you may only access it once or twice a year and its often a pain trying to find the username and password your website developer emailed you, and thats where we can help. Send us your update and we'll do it for you, but that is not all, we can include managed website hosting, take regular website backups, provide web design services or help with Search Engine Optimization to get your website above your competitors. The most valuable part of POWERNET's Subscription Service is access to our full web development team to address any ongoing needs related to your website. We are available through email or phone. In addition, we often work onsite with our local clients to address training or support concerns.

  • Bug fixing and problem reporting, ie correcting broken scripts. 
  • Website edits, revisions, updates or creating new content on existing pages based on requests.  
  • Telephone website support.
  • Provide disaster recovery from backup and maintain a file library of assets, graphics, source code and revision history for your website. 
  • Offer advice and guidance on website management and optimization and potential performance improvement. 
  • Liaise with hardware engineers, hosting customer support, and other affiliate service entities. 
  • Web stats and analytics. 
  • Create new graphics and icons. Modifying CSS styles and code.
  • Version Upgrades: Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, patches, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc.) 
  • Providing consultation service or documentation for any potential projects or enhancements.
  • Normal priority support is for a 24-72 hour "turn around time". 

Hosting Support includes:

Even though it’s easy as pie to update your own server, sometimes we find that people need a little help keeping it all running smoothly. We have several maintenance plans that can be customized to your needs to make sure your server is always at its very best.

  • Managed backups and server maintenance, 
  • server software updates, 
  • server user management, 
  • performance monitoring, 
  • database optimization
  • Virus protection, 
  • firewall monitoring, 
  • up-time monitoring. 
  • Doman registration services
  • Supported secure server
  • Database encryption and firewall protocols
  • Website traffic analytics
  • Monthly backups

This will ensure we have the tools to restore the website within 24-36 hours of most any disaster. Website maintenance does not include ongoing Search engine optimization unless SEO option selected.

What does it cost? - There are two options to choose from:

This works well for many of our customers giving you the option to pay an hourly rate for any required system updates, content changes, search engine optimization or any other type of changes/fixes required on your website as and when you need. Normally we can get a lot done in two hours. if you are unsure, let me give you a estimate of time based upon the normal workload.

There is a minimum two hour charge for any type of update, however, we will accrue the time spent on your account over a calendar month which means if you use less than an hour you will be charged the full two hours, but anytime over the hour is charged in 15 minute segments.

This option provides website hosting, weekly website backups and two hours per month for updates, fixes or any type of content changes each year. The time you purchase is for the full year, so if you think you will have a hour a month, then get a package a little abouve what you expect, however if you need more, additional time is then charged at a reduced hourly rate.

A monthly plan is more cost effective if you have frequent updates and means we will update your website without requests from you, ensuring systems like Drupal or WordPress are kept up to date, along with any plugins or extensions.


  • Priority on requests
  • Managed website hosting
  • Backups stored safely off-site
  • New features and functions added as and when they are needed
  • We'll inform you if things are getting a little outdated and help with updating content with your input
  • Advice on improvements to your site as we keep abreast of the latest innovations


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