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Custom Programming


Extraordinary Solutions for Extraordinary Businesses

Achieving Security for Your Company with POWERNET Intranets and Extranets!

CUSTOM PROGRAMMING SOLUTIONSTired of being forced to redesign your existing business processes to suite the limitations of a shrink wrapped "off the shelf" software package? POWERNET specializes in providing custom programming services including developing entirely custom software solutions/databases and adding additional functionality to existing software solutions/databases. Whether you are looking to develop a custom software application for a specific business process or for the entire company, POWERNET can assist you in developing a software solution that meets your needs. Digital is transforming everything. Technology is changing the way consumers consume content and view brands. How does a company stay competitive in an always-changing global market?


INTRANET PROGRAMMING SOLUTIONSThe terms intranet and extranet can sound complex and confusing. Many of our clients find them to be quite simple though once they understand what basic functions they perform. The basics difference is access; an intranet typically means "no access to the website from outside the network" whereas the extranet is actually an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders. In today's environment of the travelling and remote / virtual office, your users will need access to your intranet from outside the network. VPN you say? Many hotels' networks disable VPN access so your traveling users may not be able to access important information they need. The solution? Today's CMS's have very detailed and powerful role and scope-based permissions configurations that allow you to build your "intranet" but expose it as an extranet with the security you need to protect sensitive corporate data. Whether you are looking to keep all your company information in one central location or you want to share it with your employees and vendors who are out of the office, intranets and extranets can achieve this result for you.


PROGRAMMING SOLUTIONSPOWERNET provides leading software development expertise to make technology work for all different businesses. We leverage a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices, deep market understanding, and profound technical skills. We have proven our success dozens of times over in developing custom applications for the specialized needs of our customers, and can accommodate to the customer’s custom software design and developmentparticular preferences and expectations. When you outsource to POWERNET, you have the freedom to focus on your core business while a dedicated team of qualified, committed experts work to improve your business.

Our custom software design and development includes a complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development,software quality assurance testing, and software deployment. We provide a team of professional technical consultants who can assist in analyzing functional, technical, operational, and financial requirements. This team will work with business management to define and understand your business needs and learn exactly what you seek. Our software development process provides a flexible and scaleable framework for an organization of any size or complexity. With the utilization of our excellent project management team, we ensure the high quality and reliability of the product we develop for you.

Customize your core applications to gain a competitive edge

CUSTOM PROGRAMMINGYou’ve made huge investments in your business-critical applications. We can help you preserve those investments while bringing you the features you need to maintain your competitive edge. Regardless of whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, or any other industry, your competitive advantage is all about the unique way that you do business. Don’t let off-the-shelf box software force you into doing business like everyone else. Custom software programming from POWERNET can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors to maximize your competitive advantage. Why settle for “one size fits all” when you could have a solution tailored exactly to your needs?


Get ongoing or project-based support without adding to your payroll or extra costs.


Gain new business insights from your data with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools


Automate manual processes and go paperless, improve productivity with money-saving measures.


Modern features of today’s box software packages without letting go of decades of customization


We create the right tools your team needs at the right time…

software business solutionsGone are the days when an IT department could install one software package and be done with it (not that those days ever really existed). Information is in the cloud, on mobile devices, in vertical applications, in spreadsheets, email, calendars, and even with your customers.

In today’s world software business solutions have to serve as a broad set of integrated tools working together. Some are complex, some are simple. Some are traditional desktop applications, some are cloud-based, some are mobile. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the job and getting them to work together. That’s where POWERNET comes in.


… and create tools that evolve with your business.

Programming for websites, applications, content management systems, process tools, databases, web solutions and mobile appsWe’ve crafted hundreds of productivity applications, content management systems, process tools, databases, web solutions, mobile apps, and more — each one tuned to the unique needs of each business we encounter. We design, integrate and develop as necessary. We’re never one-size-fits-all and we recognize that the simplest approach is often the best. POWERNET's best strength is our ability to bring thousands of hours of experience solving problems to the table. By hiring a partner that truly understands the work your team does, you can continue to mold the tools to your team, rather than the other way around. As your business grows, we can make small changes, and at times not-so-small changes, to ensure your software solutions keep pace.



We’re proud to have served some of our clients for more than a decade. Our team has helped shape our clients’ futures as well as served to simply make their business lives easier. We’re consultants first, developers second — what that means to us is that more than just being developers for hire, we will focus on process, business context, the problems you face, your resources, and we will partner with you on defining the right solutions for your business.


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