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As your business grows, it needs to continually adapt and innovate to keep you in "TOP of MIND" of your customers!


Today’s rapidly changing business environment requires marketing that is on target in terms of your market, the method you use to reach your customers and the message you convey to convince them to purchase your product or service. For over twenty years, POWERNET Marketing Solutions has helped our clients move their business forward by developing marketing strategies that can be artfully executed with significant impact as advertising and marketing materials.

No matter what the project – logo design, strategic or business plan, company or product brochure, product launch or public relations campaign – we follow the same proven process of defining opportunities, quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix for reaching target markets. Based on this strategic platform, we craft messages, produce materials and implement the tactics to achieve the desired results. Whether your business is a start-up requiring hands-on marketing talent, or an established company not delivering on your brand’s promise, we have the marketing solution for you. POWERNET Marketing Solutions provides a full-range of research, planning, branding and advertising services for public, private and nonprofit organizations committed to achieving breakthrough growth.


APPLICATION PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENTMost marketing doesn't produce results. The market landscape has changed and traditional approaches to marketing are rarely cost-effective. Without understanding the underlying motives that drive consumer behavior, it is nearly impossible to effectively distinguish your brand or offer from those competing in your space.


APPLICATION PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENTOur philosophy is three-fold...strategic development and implementation should be: 1) data-driven, 2) customer-centric, and 3) outcomes-based. POWERNET Marketing Solutions has a proven approach to accelerate the growth of your business. This research-based approach is remarkably effective, regardless of size or sector, at accelerating revenue generation and creating breakthrough growth.


POWERNET Marketing Solutions provides a wide range of strategic, creative and production services, all designed to grow your business. Our service bundle can be integrated as a full-service growth program, or as separate services to meet your specific objectives and budgets. Our core service categories include:
  • Marketing Research - POWERNET Marketing Solutions is expert at applied research methodology, sample and survey design, data collection (including voice-of-the-customer studies) and analysis. We also conduct market analysis and feasibility studies. Following is an overview of our research services:
    • Consumer Surveys
      Point-of-sale, product packaging, telephone, intercept, mail, mobile and online surveys
    • In-Depth Interviews & Focus Groups
      In-depth studies of products and services, competitor perceptions, and advertising and PR concepts
    • Competitor Studies
      Ascertain competitor strengths/weaknesses on position, pricing, target markets and advertising
    • Industry Analysis & Benchmarking
      Analyze the forces that influence an industry, current and forecasted trends, and comparative assessment
    • Market Feasibility Studies
      Analyze the viability of a project by studying market, financial, technical and organizational conditions
    • Test Marketing
      Validate or enhance products and line extensions, sales, distribution and promotion strategies

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  • Strategic Planning - POWERNET Marketing Solutions has a proven, structured approach to evaluating our clients’ business situation, revealing lucrative market opportunities and mapping out an effective strategic path. Our planning process involves the following:
    • Strategic Visioning
      Develop the client’s vision (preferred future), mission statement and core values
    • Organization Assessment
      Assess and report on people, process and structure to benchmark against best practices
    • Lean Enterprise Review
      Conduct Value Stream Mapping and 5S projects to reduce waste and increase productivity
    • Situation (SWOT/PEST) Analysis
      Evaluate client strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats
    • Market Research
      Gather voice-of-the-customer data, and analyze the industry and competitive landscape
    • Strategic Development
      Establish measurable objectives and align strategies to launch priority initiatives
    • Strategic Planning Retreats
      Facilitate teams to gain consensus on strategic prioritizes and resource allocation
    • Action Plans
      Develop a budget and tactics aligned to strategic priorities to implement strategic plan

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  • Brand Development - POWERNET Marketing Solutions develops brand strategies that distinguish our clients and advance them to a leadership position in their market space. Our internal and external branding services include:
    • Corporate Identity
      Vision, naming, logos, taglines, stationary package, specialty merchandise, wearables and signage
    • Brand Architecture
      Develop standards to coordinate brand attributes through all communications, materials and media
    • Positioning
      Develop and frame a unique value proposition (and brand personality) valued by target audiences
    • Brand Image Studies
      Determine level of consumer brand awareness and perception to drive brand development initiatives
    • Programs & Management
      Manage internal and external brand communications, life cycle and customer experience

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  • Advertising & Digital - Too often advertising (traditional and digital), PR and sales promotion don’t make the cash register ring. Small business owners and marketing managers know this firsthand. It’s difficult to cut through the clutter and generate action from your target audience. In addition, merely appealing to “today’s” consumers isn’t enough; you need to instill brand recall for tomorrow’s consumers.
    • Concept & Creative
      The look, feel and voice—imaging and messaging—of all communications, technology and tactics
    • Media Services
      Research, plan, negotiate, place, track and manage media buys, advertising and PR campaigns
    • Campaigns
      Integrated advertising, direct, digital, events, POS and PR—including sales and service alignment
    • Production
      TV, radio, print, interactive (web video), sales collateral, point-of-sale, display, outdoor and packaging
    • Digital Marketing
      Search engine optimization, online advertising, email, mobile, apps and social media integration
    • Pricing Strategy
      Developing and aligning price points based on value perception (cost-plus through premium strategies)
    • Distribution Strategy
      Establishing channels, partners and logistics that reduce cost, and maximize control and coverage
    • Sales Systems
      Developing and aligning technology, processes and people to maximize lead conversion and value

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POWERNET offers complete business branding solutions. if you’re a small business and would like to brand & complete business marketing solution to your business on a low budget then msebrand experts will help you.



Companies still need print collateral, advertising, direct mail, signage, and brochures and POWERNET produces print designs that are both engaging and memorable.



Branding is the process of strategically positioning and promoting your company to become better defined, distinct and “top-of-mind” among targeted audiences.



To fully maximize return on marketing investment and customer retention strategies must incorporate the right mix of messaging, imaging, voice and media (communication channels).



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