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Executive Business Coaching


Extraordinary Executive Teams


Leadership Development That Nurtures Your Natural Abilities

To effect change in your organization, sustained individual leadership at all levels is critical. It is not enough to zero in on the results. Your focus must be on accelerating the development and growth of the "next leaders." We assist you in identifying and designing development frameworks, assessments, and learning models for creating and nurturing leadership talent and best in class. We assess leadership and management competencies for owners, executives, senior managers, and leadership at all levels, and we develop appropriate interventions and an integrated succession plan. You might hear about strategy and vision, but few management consultants can offer coaching in execution. But that’s exactly what POWERNET provides. Our Senior Consultants are former CEOs, CIOs, owners and entrepreneurs with a track record of success.


Partnering with you every step of the way, we help your team align, enhance its capabilities, and boldly accelerate growth. If that’s your future, we’re in this together. Leadership in today's business environment is a complex and challenging task. Executives are bombarded with information and advice. Often leaders do not need more information, but a sounding board—their own executive coach—someone who opens up their perspectives and gives them new ways to see a situation.

Executive Coaching Provides:

  • An objective person for the leaders to discuss current issues of concern
  • A partner with an experienced POWERNET Senior Consultant who cares about your success
  • The leader with a safe space to enhance self-awareness of the implications of work behaviors
  • Learn new ideas that are practical and actionable
  • Enhance self-awareness through a comprehensive 360° analysis


EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING No organization wants to be left behind by the competition. The need for speed is driven by external factors, but the capacity to accelerate when necessary is driven internally. The board must hold its executive team accountable, executives must rise above divisional agendas for the sake of the whole, and talent must be developed, retained, and matched swiftly to opportunities.

An organization’s success depends on the speed with which it can forecast changing conditions and adopt strategies to stay ahead of the pack. We work with our clients to build their “capacity for pace” at all levels.

Have you ever had these challenges?

  • People don’t follow your direction or support your vision.
  • Your team needs to adapt to change and make decisions faster.
  • Your organization’s culture needs to become more creative and innovative.
  • You know your company needs to reduce cost and improve productivity, but you can’t get the people you need to buy in to make the changes.
  • Your ideas are short-circuited by personal interests and office politics.

Great leaders create organizations with One Vision, One Voice, and One Direction.

Let’s be honest, if someone walked into your organization and asked 5 random people to describe your company vision, would they all say the same thing? If not, your business results are more likely coming from one of the challenges above and other “behind closed doors” conversations. The problem is that they have not yet bought into your vision or maybe they haven’t bought into you as their leader.

Here’s the good news: The answer is creating a clear vision and then aligning everything in the organization to achieve it. Here’s why…people are emotional. If they’re not connected to the vision, their work will reflect that and so will your results. If they’re not connected to you, their work will reflect that too. However, if your people believe in you and your vision, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Top producers, accomplished leaders and senior level people in organizations face a unique set of challenges as they strive to simultaneously serve their enterprise – while also “serving” themselves. Most people who reach the senior level neglect their own growth and development in their zeal for empowering the enterprise. Yet, we know few factors impact an organization’s ability to produce extraordinary business results as the quality of its leadership.

Breakthroughs in performance are the mark of extraordinary leaders. And breakthroughs only occur when structure intersects with intention. Our unique methodology provides the structure for accomplished leaders to identify unexamined rules, beliefs, and assumptions that limit results and suppress performance and to develop new plans for action. This creates a greater capacity for professional accomplishment and fulfillment of a future that is both compelling and inspiring.

The Senior Leadership One-On-One Consulting Process:

“To accomplish is to unfold some thing into the fullness of its essence”.

It is worth noting that many accomplished business people have little structure for the unfolding and fulfilling of their essence or what we call core intentions. This is why executive consulting and coaching is essential.

Our distinct Consulting Process is designed to reveal what really matters to a senior-level business person and to guarantee fulfillment of their core intentions through the creation of a personal strategy.  This values-driven planning process provides for professional growth, a non-judgmental open listening (the executive feels free to say what is on his/her mind without concern of retribution), an objective point of view, and a partnership that supports the executive’s winning.

Strictly confidential and highly customizable, the One-On-One Consulting Process includes:

  1. Executive Assessment:

    We begin this process with a no-nonsense evaluation of what the executive has accomplished and contrast actual accomplishments with the executive’s intended accomplishments from the beginning of their career. This assessment reveals new opportunities for accomplishment that result in 3 to 5 “senior commitments”. These commitments lay the foundation for a five or ten year personal plan to guarantee fulfillment of those commitments.

  2. Creating the Plan:

    Our unique planning process is driven by a consultant-guided inquiry. Beginning with the articulation of the executives’ values and the development of a purpose-driven personal charter, a five or ten year plan is created focusing on the fulfillment of what the senior leader and their enterprise require. This process often includes succession planning and legacy building.

  3. Creating and Fulfilling a Personal Project:

    Most of the projects and initiatives that senior professionals have in front of them are linear progressions of what already exists. Because of this, professionals are often not engaged in daily activities that maximize their contribution to their enterprise. In this part of the process, the professional and the consultant create a compelling and empowering project that will require the participant to re-invent themselves, in part by examining the ingrained assumptions and ways of thinking about the way the world works that lie below cognitive awareness and to re-think their approach to realizing critical and strategic objectives.


  Individual Coaching

Aligning Your Leadership for Success
Leading through alignment starts with you, the leader. In our coaching programs, we partner with you to get clear on your personal vision and direction. Then, we work with you to assess how you’re currently creating alignment in your organization, and we collaborate on a plan to take your leadership to a whole new level.

  Team Coaching & Consulting

Aligning Your Team for High-Performance
Imagine creating a clear vision for the future and inspiring and aligning your high-performing team to make it happen. In our team coaching and consulting programs, we conduct an assessment to discover what your team needs and partner with you on a customized plan to clarify your vision and align everything you do to quickly get into action and make it a reality.

  Organizational Consulting

Aligning Your Organization for Outstanding Results
By leading through alignment, you can inspire greater performance in your organization and create outstanding results. Studies show that in the past 15 years the amount of new processes, layers and approvals in today’s companies have increased up to a staggering 350 percent. Not only that, but in large organizations, managers and executives can spend up to 60 percent of their time in coordination meetings. Just to make sure everyone is working together.

When you work with us, we partner with you to get crystal clear about your vision, communicate it so it resonates with each person in a way that inspires them, and align the entire organization to make it a reality. You owe it to your team to deliver a high level of leadership and management skills every single day. But what happens when you and your team start to fall short of your organization’s goals? With over two decades of highly successful experience in management, technology, marketing, and operations, the POWERNET team maintains our up-to-the-minute knowledge of best business practices through steadfast dedication to identifying what works in today’s marketplace and then applying it to your corporation.

  • Create a Priority List & Business Plan
  • Recruit & Hire Any Staff Member
  • Utilizing Employment Assessments
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • High-Level Employee Enforcement
  • Stop Thinking – Start Doing
  • Utilizing Deadlines
  • Top Leadership Keys
  • Utilizing a Gratitude Board
  • Assistance with a business plan
  • Technology Plan & Policy & Procedures
  • Creating Structured Weeks
  • Utilizing Top Business Tools
  • Creating a 1-Page Vision Statement
  • How to Encourage/Motivate Staff
  • TOP Leadership Listening Skills
  • Variety of Staff Assessments
  • Creating Marketing Campaigns
  • Internal / External Cloud Usage
  • Holding PRODUCTIVE Meetings
  • Targeting Your Rivals
  • …And Much, Much More!

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT CONSULTINGUpon completion, you will benefit from learning and applying these successful business strategies that can extend to every member of your organization. Based on efficient and effective proprietary information and strategies, the content of each consulting session applies tried and true business practices to today’s technology.

This program’s intensity includes exclusive private contact between your consultant and you, for we limit the number of small business owners we consult with at one time. By consulting with you to train your associates, your entire office learns the practices and techniques that propel your business to ongoing increases in profits far into the future.

Always in demand, POWERNET limits the coaching commitments we take on to those who are highly-qualified. Prior to acceptance to the Executive Management Consulting engagement, a POWERNET consultant will conduct an interview at no charge to learn more about you and your business. This information will guide POWERNET consultant in the customization of the consulting engagement to you and your business which will help in delivering you the potential for the most successful result!



Executive Management Consulting is intelligently priced at $8,800. This one-on-one business consulting program is highly exclusive. Contact us immediately to learn if you qualify today! Includes 6 month's of renewable personal sessions...


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