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Strategic Business Planning




MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS PLANNING SOLUTIONSThe POWERNET team is dedicated to ensuring the long-term success of our clients. We not only assist clients with developing strategies, we also provide on-going assistance to ensure that adopted strategies are implemented successfully. We offer the following suite of strategic and business planning services to meet the ongoing needs of our clients. We develop a blueprint for success that controls your future. Connect your Vision, Mission and Values to accountability and execution. We help you create a customized plan that is a roadmap to your future.

Whether your business is in its infancy, growing aggressively, preparing for succession or at any stage in between, a comprehensive business plan is vital to your success. For those who are starting a business, we all know that building a successful business isn’t easy. It’s even harder doing it alone. That’s why it makes sense to have a team behind you. The business advisors at POWERNET are fully dedicated to creating, growing and protecting wealth for our clients, and in many cases, that starts with launching a start-up business that is primed for success. Our business planning services include:

  • Business Plan Development
  • StartUp Assistance & Consulting
  • Assisting with the Financial Forecasting and Budgeting process
  • Successfully transitioning a business
  • “On-call” Temporary CIO/Management Services

The ability to say no is an important quality in a project leader. Projects tend to expand once people have become excited about them. The underlying thought is, While were at it, we might as well Projects to which people keep adding objectives and projects that keep expanding are nearly certain to go off schedule, and they are unlikely to achieve their original goals.

Planning the launch or growth of your business has never been easier.


Every business is unique and has its own set of challenges. Our business plan consultants will build your business plan from scratch to fit the specific needs of your company. From start-up guidance to operations consulting, your company can become more successful with the support of one of our Go Business Plans consultants. First, let our team learn more about your business and listen to your needs. Then, we’ll identify key areas of opportunity, and help you to implement the right business plan and strategy for the growth of your company.

Unlike other business plan writing companies, we don’t just document your ideas onto paper. As your partners, we can help create the right foundation for your business. Our team of business consultants have completed thousands of business plan engagements, with a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Experienced Business Plan Consultants
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Cost Effective & Affordable
  • All Industries and Business Types
  • Investor, Bank, and Grant Ready
  • Fully Customized – No Templates!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Best Client Reviews & Testimonials

Plan the Growth of Your Business

Management Business Planning SolutionsA clearly-defined strategic plan is important to the long-term success of your business. It outlines your business goals and the specific growth initiatives needed to achieve them. Our experienced business plan consultants can help you to analyze your potential market opportunities, provide strategic recommendations for growth, and develop the proper action plan to implement them.

What this means is that, we help entrepreneurs and businesses through every aspect of business launch and business operations — from creating business plans, investor presentation, financial projections – to actually providing sales, marketing, and business growth recommendations. Instead of just documenting your business, our business plan consultants can help grow your business. POWERNET will advise you on the best business, marketing, and operational strategies to build and grow your company.

What your Concierge CIO can be for your business


BUSINESS PLANNINGPOWERNET's Strategic Planning is a management process for evaluating your current business, determining your strategic direction, and laying out a roadmap of strategic initiatives. A strategic plan explains why an organization exists, what it intends to accomplish, and the tactics it will take to achieve its goals and objectives. our seasoned strategic planning consultants have helped many different client executive teams develop comprehensive, reality-based, accountable, action-oriented strategic plans across many varied industries and business situations. Perhaps you need support for a single-day, strategy offsite to update or revisit an existing plan. Or, you may require a more comprehensive approach, either way, our experience and flexibility enable us to design an approach that will suit the operating requirements and constraints of your business.


BUSINESS PLANNINGMany business strategy projects are long on planning but short on action. Our management consulting methodology remedies this in the assessment phase by identifying the three to five most critical issues and expediting them directly into execution. This allows quick development of executable action plans in parallel with the rest of the business planning process to develop the growth initiatives. This approach delivers faster results and surfaces any potential issues that the organization has in execution. Our approach at POWERNET, is collaborative, forming a team with key leaders within the client’s organization, and developing the business strategy in five main phases.

  1. Baseline Assessment: Together, we reaffirm the organization’s mission, vision, and values, establishing a strategic context. Our strategy consultants also evaluate the current situation in terms of internal factors (financial, operational, products, customers, and supply chain), external factors (market, industry, competition), opportunities, and threats.
  2. Formulation: Using a variety of facilitation tools, our management consultants collaborate with the team to formulate the strategic vision, value proposition, competitive differentiation, and strategic alternatives (e.g. develop a capability vs. make an acquisition). This phase includes development of the high level “strategic story,” a strategic narrative that is powerful, compelling, and easy to remember.
  3. Specification: Our strategy consultants now develop the strategy in more detail in terms of objectives, a three to five year road map, and key metrics.
  4. Planning: Now the strategy must be fleshed out in terms of strategic growth initiatives along with detailed plans for each functional area. In this phase, we also build the business case and along with budgetary requests (operational and capital).
  5. Execution: Carrying out the strategic plan includes assigning responsibility for each initiative, program/project management, and organizational change management. Our execution services are described in more detail on our website.


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