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There may be times when you find your existing IT staff needs help for a specific project or implementation, for IT support coverage or for consulting on the latest technologies. It’s important to look for someone who will listen first and help you make good decisions. You want a consulting company that fully understands the direction you want to take and that will make recommendations based not only on your current needs but on anticipated future needs. POWERNET CIO Consulting Solutions works in the management structure to assist where it will give you the greatest leverage and provides advice and skills you need to get where you want to go quickly, on-schedule, and on-budget.


The role of the modern CIO is changing. No longer simply focused on key IT infrastructure, the new CIO is concerned with corporate data, the convergence of business requirements, and available marketplace technologies. Faced with a flood of new technology and managed services residing outside the walls of the enterprise, today's CIO is taking on a more substantial role in strategic vendor management. The days of large internal IT groups with application developers on hand have passed, as most organizations opt for leveraging a best-of-breed combination of external vendors.

To support this change, CIOs are building teams of business-literate liaisons to work closely with corporate stakeholders to match business needs with evolving marketplace technologies. The CIO is building a fabric of solutions, focusing on the enterprise data layer that enables accurate and timely data to flow to executives and key stakeholders in order to support faster and better decision making. To fully commit to this wave of change, the CIO has become engrossed in mobile technologies, supporting the overall shift to a more portable workforce. Managing your information technology operations can be a challenge. But sometimes the challenge is just a temporary situation, with typical scenarios such as these:

  • You are “between” CIOs and need an experienced IT and management expert to keep things running properly until you can fill the position.
  • You are the CIO, but there’s not enough time in the day to simultaneously and effectively manage your day-to-day tactical and strategic efforts.
  • You simply need a trusted IT advisor to join your team on a temporary or interim basis for some project-specific work.
  • You need a technology analysis – our team of experts seek out any flaws in your current IT system, in order to develop a strategy to streamline your business processes
  • You need to manage a technology team for an installation – we install a unique IT plan, using tactical vendor partnerships and strategic planning, making sure your current IT challenges are met with the right solutions
  • You need IT administration & management – we develop and recommend teams, structure, security plans and disaster recovery protection of your business needs

You can’t just throw hardware, software or dollars at the problem. It’s more than just “keeping the lights on.” You need someone to manage your information technology (IT) from a business perspective.

IT’s not about the technology. IT’s about the business. That’s why POWERNET offers the CIO Services program. CIO Services from POWERNET can provide both tactical and strategic support to business leaders and CIOs who need an extra set of hands. Or, for businesses that have a temporary gap in their IT leadership, our interim CIO services can provide the complete day-to-day CIO function on a short- or medium-term basis.

Delivering Strategic and Tactical Support for Business and IT Executives
The POWERNET CIO Services are for business and IT leaders who need trusted, expert “boots on the ground” to help run their IT operations. To that end, the CIO Services goals are to:

  • Take the weight of IT management and operations off your shoulders, so you can focus on the business
  • Provide value-added business-focused management of your IT operations, when and where you need it

CIO Solution Options: There are two options to choose from:

CIO Advisory Consulting Solution

Working with IT leadership, we provide expert, independent evaluation, analysis and recommendations for your IT operations.


Concierge CIO Solution

Working with your business leaders and IT staff, we perform the day-to-day functions of a CIO in your organization.


Evaluation and analysis covers:

  • Asset inventory
  • Asset utilization
  • Service levels
  • Workload summary
  • Cyber Security
  • Business constraints
  • Cultural constraints
  • Service contracts
  • Capital costs
  • Project pipeline
  • Business growth/contraction
  • Disaster recovery

Functions can include management of:

  • Staff
  • Vendors
  • IT Security
  • Infrastructure, facilities and environments
  • Security and compliance
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning
  • Budgets
  • Projects
  • Interact/engage with client departments and peers
  • Support and report to senior executives

What is a CIO Management Advisory Consulting Solutions

CIO Management Advisory Consulting Solutions

Unlike other IT consulting firms, our focus is on helping your business grow through planning and leadership. Our staff has been there and done it. In industries from finance and healthcare, to information technology and higher-ed, we bring decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT experience.

We know that not every CIO or VP of IT has 20+ years of executive IT experience. That's why we also provide ongoing executive-level mentoring to bring your leadership team up to speed. POWERNET CIO Advisory Consulting Solutions provides strategic and advisory services that enable organizations to achieve their IT goals and objectives, including aligning IT and corporate strategy, redesigning technology architecture, and transforming IT operating models. Our services encompass a complete set of foundational components that enable an effective IT transformation, including:

  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Application Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Digital Transformation and Mobile Strategy
  • Big Data Evaluation and Enablement
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cyber Security Management
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • IT Business Alignment
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • IT Risk Management
  • IT Sourcing
  • IT Roadmap
  • IT Sourcing Advisory
  • IT Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • IT Asset Management (Software and Hardware)
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • IT Human Capital Optimization
  • IT Vendor Management

What your Concierge CIO can be for your business

Our experienced professionals work with Owners, CEOs, CIOs and IT executives through the IT lifecycle to define strategy, manage system architecture, and measure results to maximize value and enable enhanced business performance.

    LEADERSHIP: Decades of CIO / executive experience and modern best practices

    COST EFFECTIVE: Understand how to best utilize your technology spend

    GROWTH FOCUSED: We build IT departments that scale with your business

    RESULTS ORIENTED: Technology must drive profit and value of the business



Global IT spending is increasing every year as digital transformation is spreading. IT budget allocation and steering is now key for large caps. CIOs are no longer merely service providers, but have to act as strategic partners. Whereas IT Departments remain an effective lever for business efficiency improvement, CIOs must go further and take risks in order to create value. At the same time, IT ecosystem complexity is increasing. The hype curve is promising, bringing in new players. Can we be leaders and implement new state-of-the-art solutions?

Our CIO Advisory Consulting Solutions focus on helping Owners, CEOs, CIOs in corporate functions and their specific departments: IS Strategy, IT provider management, business management, and innovation for both build and run activities. In addition, this practice can help key IT sponsors within business units, local IT departments and/or IT services in other corporate functions such as finance, HR and procurement. CIOs: we can help speed up your transformation to keep up with the fast-changing environment!



CIO Management Advisory Consulting is intelligently priced at $2,700. This Concierge CIO solutions for 2 hours per month for 6 months! Includes an auto-renewable options for longer periods of times.

POWERNET CIO Management Services

What is a Concierge CIO Solution

Concierge CIO Solution

Are you concerned that your current technology system could be making your business operations more complicated than necessary? POWERNET's Concierge CIO Solutions can simplify your business, and help take your mind off of technology issues and problems. We use our knowledge to your advantage, and ensure your technology issues become a thing of the past.

POWERNET's Concierge CIO Solutions is an affordable way to leverage the critical knowledge of IT professionals without taking on the salary commitment these in-demand experts command.  Even if your organization already has an on-staff CIO or CTO, let POWERNET's Concierge CIO Solutions help you supplement your IT capabilities and create a knowledge base that is much more than the sum of its parts.  POWERNET's Concierge CIO Solutions can be provided on-site or as virtual support with direct access to strategic level executives. 

Your Concierge CIO is an experienced IT executive that helps an organization navigate through a period of transition or change. These executives are engaged by companies on a temporary basis for 3 - 12 months or even on a interim CIO for consulting level CIO to assist the owner or CEO with their IT. At the end of this period the Concierge CIO provides a seamless transition to the company's full-time CIO. Your POWERNET Concierge CIO may be engaged in the following circumstances:

  • You need a CIO, but can't afford a salary of one.
  • Departure of the current CIO / VP of IT
  • During or after a merger or acquisition to unify disparate IT groups
  • Implementation of a major IT system requiring special expertise

With today’s job market and fast-moving technology, your POWERNET CIO Management Consulting will help you manage your way through the strategy and execution of cloud-based initiatives, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process.  The result?  More productivity, increased marketplace agility, and big-picture corporate goals become achievable.  Your POWERNET CIO Management Consulting gives you the ability to seize opportunities quickly…opportunities you may only get once.

How POWERNET Concierge CIO Can Help Your Bottom Line

  • Decrease the costs of IT expertise
  • Increase your business’s agility
  • Meet every IT challenge
  • Align IT with your business goals
  • Create a living strategic roadmap for success
  • Benefit from our industry-proven results-based methodology

Your investment in this EXECUTIVE CIO CONSULTATION


Executive Concierge CIO Consulting is intelligently priced at $5,550. This CIO Management Consulting for 5 hours per month for 6 months! Includes an auto-renewable options for longer periods of times.

CIO 6 Step Approach

Why Use POWERNET for Your CIO Functions?

  • POWERNET is a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a trusted advisor to thousands of companies.
  • Our CIO Services executives are seasoned information technology professionals who have led companies in various industries. They have faced many of the same challenges that confront your organization and know how to address them with solutions that provide the best ROI.
  • You have no obligation to POWERNET following a CIO Services engagement. Although we are an MSP, and some of our IT services may be appropriate for your firm, our CIO Services are not built solely around POWERNET’s capabilities.
  • Our CIOs deliver the right strategies and tactical support for your IT organization and business.

Ready to Accelerate Your IT and Business Operations?
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