POWERNET Concierge CIO services

What is Concierge CIO / CISO Management Solutions

POWERNET Concierge CIO/CISO Management solutions brings your firm a seasoned Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with years of hands-on IT experience in everything from IT operations to strategic planning, to cloud computing. Our CIO/CISOs have insight into how organizations work, based-on years of working side-by-side with line-of-business executives, CEOs, and CFOs. POWERNET provides Concierge CIO/CISO Management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies as well as Start-up Enterprises. Companies that require significant organizational transformation, risk mitigation, turnaround management or find it necessary to staff recently vacated positions leverage our services. All of our Executive Consultants have 20+ years of IT leadership experience in both publicly and privately held companies. A large number of our seasoned veterans. Benefits from a veteran CIO/CISO include:


POWERNET Management Services
  • o IT costs understood and managed in much finer detail.
  • o Staffing issues solved.
  • o Depth of understanding and practical applicability defined for innovative technologies such as social media, cloud computing and business intelligence.
  • o Board of Director-level insight can add a knowledgeable voice to an organization’s most complex IT decisions
  • o IT and line-of-business alignment can be strengthened.
  • o POWERNET focuses on improving IT departments through the use of industry best practices. POWERNET offers assistance with IT Strategy, Governance, Enterprise Architecture and Operational support by executives who have served as CIO/CISO or VP of Information Technology for multiple enterprises.


POWERNET's Concierge CIO/CISO can give your organization all the benefits of experience, insight, and judgment at a price that will make your CFO take note. We have hands-on experience in software development, IT legal, cyber security, policies and procedures, IT governance, document and records management, high availability/disaster recovery, and IT/line-of-business consulting. Having an experienced CIO or CISO can make a large competitive difference. POWERNET offers a variety of engagement options, including part-time, interim, project-based and on-going executive counsel. POWERNET's mission is to help clients differentiate themselves and make lasting and substantial improvements in their business operations, technology and organizational management. We apply the following set of core principles to every client engagement:


  • o Bring a senior management perspective to every engagement.
  • o Work in a collaborative manner with each client to increase performance.
  • o Leverage time-tested methodologies and best practices to guide analysis


POWERNET consulting and advisory services are designed to deliver peace of mind whether you are evaluating your own IT infrastructure or keeping up with government regulations. Regardless of your objective, successful consulting engagements begin with an understanding of the business objectives you want to achieve.


POWERNET Concierge CIO/CISO services


For small to medium-sized businesses unable to justify a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) appointment, POWERNET Concierge CIO/CISO service can be a game-changer – giving you access to the CIO/CISO-level technical expertise, business experience and strategic IT consulting advice that will enable you to closely align your IT and long-term strategic business goals and transform your IT from a cost center to a business enabler. Our CISO consultants will oversees your strategic planning process, delivering a clearly defined IT Strategic Plan that identifies the role of IT in supporting business goals, provide Cyber Security policies & processes, and proposes an appropriate technology solution designed to deliver the most cost-effective IT infrastructure possible. Clients are empowered to make the informed strategic decisions needed to drive continuous improvement in developing and aligning their technology investment with their business.


POWERNET 6 step approach

The right technology, not more technology, is usually the answer to your IT goals. We understand more businesses are looking for tangible ROI and business enablement from their IT investments today, more than ever. That’s where our consulting, research, and advisory teams add value to your executive team by supplementing their business insights with our technology insights to drive more value for the business than technology alone. Regardless of your objective, successful technology investments begin with an understanding of the business objectives you want to achieve. Our Concierge CIO/CISO take a six-step approach that enables us to determine what is best for your organization.


We can also can provide your employees Information Security Awareness Training. Information Security Awareness Training is designed to educate users on the appropriate use, protection and security of information, individual user responsibilities and ongoing maintenance necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets, resources, and systems from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption.


Let's put all the peices togetherAn organization’s best defense against internal and external breaches is not technology alone; it’s a culture of security within an organization – one that promotes automatic and intuitive behavior in support of information security. Unfortunately, training is often viewed as a luxury and not as a necessity. Security awareness training can no longer afford to be viewed as ‘optional’. Security awareness training is the first line of protection your organization can have in place to protect its valuable corporate assets and to protect information from being compromised.


Through our Concierge CIO/CISO service, POWERNET can offer security awareness training courses on a variety of topics that are suitable for particular audiences from users to executive managers. Our professional consultants will analyze your organization’s specific training needs to deliver an effective and affordable security awareness program for your employees. We will identify areas of concern, develop a baseline of staff security knowledge, and measure the progress of your awareness program. Training goals can be achieved through a variety of means, including onsite or Internet delivery, and all training materials are easy to use and scalable for various audience sizes and locations. In fact, we unlock the potential of your business with information and advice in these critical areas:


  • o IT Infrastructure Consulting - Let us assess your needs and create a plan for a comprehensive range of services from network design and integration to security services.
  • o Application Performance and Software Consulting - POWERNET can assess the current state of your applications and software in a way that helps you recognize what you have, where it's running, how to improve performance, and where you need to address any licensing shortfalls or overlap.
  • o Regulatory Compliance - In order to comply with stringent government regulations, your compliance strategy must encompass the entire enterprise.
  • o IT Due Diligence - Just as you retain professionals to evaluate the management and operational strength of a potential acquisition or partner, you may engage POWERNET to evaluate the strength and fitness of informational technology.


Experience & Leadership

Our goal is to provide the advantages of an experienced CIO/CISO to company management. Our process leverages industry leading best practices around process execution, budgeting, operational efficiencies, and improving IT decision-making.


POWERNET Concierge CIO CycleUnlike other IT consulting firms, our focus is on helping your business grow through planning and leadership. Our staff has been there and done it. In industries from retail and healthcare, to finance and distribution, we bring decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT experience.


We know that not every CIO, CISO or VP of IT has 20+ years of executive IT experience. That's why we also provide ongoing executive-level mentoring to bring your leadership team up to speed.


POWERNET can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance and IT infrastructure, management programs, processes and security through a Subject Matter Experts (SME) as a mobilized service team.

Technology Roadmap

A forward-thinking IT plan for your organization is critical. Aligning your business goals with your technology infrastructure is important in enabling smooth and consistent growth.


IT Budgeting & Staffing

Understanding how your IT budget is being spent and determining the correct staffing levels are key to making IT more effective inside of the business.


IT Strategic Planning

We work with you to learn your business and goals in every area (Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing), then work together to form technology strategies for meeting those goals.


Systems Planning

When planning for a new system, the vendor selection and implementation process is key. Our CIO/CISOs work with you to develop a RFP requirements document, solicit vendors, and ensure the implementation and training meets your needs.


IT Assessment

We use best in class industry techniques to review your business and its operations. Upon completion, we provide a detailed Assessment Report with recommendations tailored to your organizations specific needs.


Project Management

Our consultants help you get your IT project back on track. We have the ability to implement a fully functional PMO for your IT organization that reduces costs, create a repeatable and scalable process, and increase project success.



Don't see what you are looking for? This is only a sampling of POWERNET's extensive CIO/CISO and IT services we offer. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

POWERNET strives to be a place where talent, quality and values come together in the successful completion of desired outcomes. It is important to provide professional, challenging, rewarding solutions, while being respectful of ideas and individuals. This translates into a continuity of service, and focus on delivering desired results to our customers in a timely and highly effective manner.